In Northern Estonia, the Soviet authorities didn't have a recipe on how to fight against the popularity of Finnish TV. Audiences didn't want to watch hardcore Soviet propaganda.

Jaak Kilmi

We've defined decency down now that we look at the entertainment value of it, whether the acting is good, the writing is good, the story is good, no matter the depravity, we'll watch it.

Rush Limbaugh

I'm amazed at the Democrats and the media who do not know what's going on in my world. I know what's going on in theirs. I study 'em. I watch 'em every day.

Rush Limbaugh

It's simply cheaper to operate the business offshore than it is domestically because of the tax rate, 35%, which is higher than anywhere else in the industrialized world. And one of the things the Trump team says they're gonna do is lower that to 15%. And if they do, folks, you haven't seen anything yet. If they succeed in that - and you watch.

Rush Limbaugh

That's what the news is: You turn on the news every night, whatever you watch, and you're expecting to see things that you didn't know happened. And that's not what it is.

Rush Limbaugh

With the camera you might even not need the reporters. But, you see, media can't trust you to watch [Barack] Obama without them telling you what you just saw and analyzing it.

Rush Limbaugh

The people who didn't vote for [Donald Trump], didn't watch his rallies. They only know what the media said about him.

Rush Limbaugh

Comedy can be destructive, and still very, very funny. But if I can do something that is fun to watch and critical of the world but not wantonly destructive, I pursue those kinds of ideas more. The world needs less destruction. And destruction is kind of “easy,” too.

Bob Odenkirk

We do have the nuclear weapons agreement with Iran, that's an enforcement consequence, action for action, follow on. We have a plan, we will watch them, we will be vigilant.

Hillary Clinton

We finally need to pass a prohibition on anyone who's on the terrorist watch list from being able to buy a gun in America. If you're too dangerous to fly, you are too dangerous to buy a gun.

Hillary Clinton

Sometimes when I watch a TV season, your favorite shows die quickly. And then sometimes it's not your favorite, and they live on for 12 years.

David Spade

Doing Much Ado was such a special thing because I knew everybody involved. With people you hadn't worked with before, you would watch them on shows and want to work with them.

Amy Acker

Veil after veil of thin dusky gauze is lifted, and by degrees the forms and colours of things are restored to them, and we watch the dawn remaking the world in its antique pattern.

Oscar Wilde

Up, then, with speed, and work;
Fling ease and self away--
This is no time for thee to sleep--
Up, watch, and work, and pray!

Horatius Bonar

Football? Forget it. I didn't have that thing inside me where I wanted to smash against somebody and watch them break. I was too sensitive for that and disliked being that sensitive.

Josh Brolin

The top 25 at every company really set the tone. Everyone watches them. They need to be present and focused. No slackers at the top. They need to meet in combination every recruit. They need to meet them on the first day. They need to teach by example. This is the lesson that great companies teach.

Michael J. Silverstein

We have recognized that the world is changing. How your children are behaving, how their friends are behaving. What they consume and what they watch.

James Packer