I remember in school - in elementary school - I used to recite poems. We'd have to recite poems. And I would always just, like, roll on the floor, like, just make it such a huge, melodramatic portrayal of whatever it was.

Cecile McLorin Salvant

My mum used to say to me, 'you can't have
fun all the time,' and I used to say, 'why not?'.
Why... can't I have fun all the time?

Kate Moss

I have never lost my temper. I let out my venom in my writing if I have to, but person-to-person, I have never lost my temper, never used abusive language.

Khushwant Singh

I have two skateboards, but I don't get to use them much. I have a snowboard, which I've never used.

David Spade

If we forget what used to be, then we’ve lost an ability to really be sensitive to our surroundings.

Maya Lin

It's not the subject of narration that interests me, but the structure. That's why I stay in touch with my old works, which I reread regularly. I don't hesitate to take up previously used images or even whole scenes.

Dumitru Tepeneag

I don't have the same access or time to gain access to music the way I used to.

Liz Phair

I realized I was trying to be friends with somebody who I used to be with but who I didn't get along with. I'm really big on that. I need to be friends with everyone that I've ever had a relationship with.

Fiona Apple

I used to be friends with Miles Davis. He didn't like many folks. I lived across the street from him.

Rip Torn