It's just like when Trump made his speech, his commencement speech at Liberty University, I saw something that I've never seen. ABC News was there, and they're running around asking the parents of students at Liberty University what about Donald Trump they don't like. Are you upset that Trump is here? Do you ever remember any such reporting at an Barack Obama or Michelle Obama commencement? Of course not. And Trump was loved and adored at this thing, and he had some great things to say.

Rush Limbaugh

[The left] they've got their little security jackets and bubbles they live in, and they don't let anything in that isn't preapproved. These are snowflakes. They're not gonna let anything in that's gonna upset them.

Rush Limbaugh

The Trump win is the biggest upset victory maybe ever, certainly in my lifetime, it's the biggest upset. So the emotion that's attached to that is gonna be profound. The Reagan win was huge for many of the same reasons, but it wasn't the big upset that this was.

Rush Limbaugh

I understand it. People are very willing to say things about me, to make accusations about me that are - I don't get upset about them anymore, but they are very regrettable.

Hillary Clinton

This perception that the only people that come to Crown are helpless victims and we are just sitting there preying on them, you know, I reject that absolutely and that does upset me. And I think that that is, you know, that is a spin line from the latte set, which is completely wrong.

James Packer

I really want my agent to make sure they write a part in the next Airbender movie for me. I'll be really upset if I don't get to be a waterbender or something.

Milla Jovovich