I usually don't write about my life right when it happens. I process it, and I store it away. Then, when I get in the mood I pull the stuff back out.

Lucinda Williams

Ive always been ahead of the curve when it came to trying new stuff in the underground scene.

Kid Cudi

Try to always stay focused on the objectives that are possible and the positive - and on having fun outside of the stuff that's going on in Washington.

Rush Limbaugh

Of course the media loves stuff like that so they find this one Rockette. It's like you can have 10,000 people at a rally for [Donald] Trump and 200 people outside, and the 200 people outside make the news.

Rush Limbaugh

Nobody who knows me has ever thought I was a racist, bigot, all of this stuff. All of a sudden I'm on the radio and I become one, if you listen to liberal critics. I'm a racist, sexist, bigot, homophobe. I'm a hater and all of this stuff. I'm none of those things and never have been. It's all because of my political views.

Rush Limbaugh

Hillary Clinton cannot be honest, in a nationwide campaign, about what she's gonna do. She wouldn't get 30% of the vote, maybe 40, if she did. Just like Obama didn't. Obama didn't campaign on 90% of the stuff that he ended up doing. Quite the opposite, in fact.

Rush Limbaugh

At the time of Polaroid - and I did a couple of other commercials just before I stopped doing that stuff - at that point I was at the level where they respect you and your opinion and all that sort of thing.

Jim Henson

The U.S. isn't a perfect place, but it's better than most people have managed to come up with. And all my stuff is there.

Jim Butcher

My main source for faith-based stuff is mostly the Bible, and a childhood with a much, much higher-than-median exposure to theological thought.

Jim Butcher

Genre stuff is the most exciting stuff for an actor to play. I get to try new things, do things I would have never got the chance to do.

Amy Acker

Great art is not instant. It comes from experience, it comes from a place within. If you're trying to generate material, then you're going to generate stuff. It's not going to be great, it's just going to be stuff.

Keenen Ivory Wayans

There's even more stuff that I'd like to release, but I'm scared to, that's really, um, nerdy... not nerdy in a good way. Like, silly.

Liz Phair

I'm really happy with my life now, but there's a lot of stuff I feel very sad about in ways I can't even control.

Liz Phair

I don't believe in a God. I don't believe in any of that stuff to determine my life or my goals or my direction. I just depend on myself.

Sasha Grey

There was so much great music around in the 60s, stuff like The Small Faces, but I also love The Jam.

Iwan Rheon

I wasn't being critical of myself in the way I can normally be, and I was letting myself follow through with stuff. It was like a prolonged spontaneity.

Luke Temple

Sometimes interviews are fun and good conversations, but stuff like photo shoots and appearances at places where you have to meet a lot of people - I was never really made for this kind of stuff.

Fiona Apple

A lot of networks don't want to touch controversial subjects, and especially stuff that deals with race and history.

Mike Jackson