I did everything I could to not bring in any of the - any of the technical things I got from classical into jazz. And I did everything to really base it on my speaking voice and to just not try to make it sound pretty.

Cecile McLorin Salvant

I get starstruck really easily. I love music so much - it sounds so silly to say that - so if I'm playing a festival and somebody I love, like [Primal Scream's] Bobby Gillespie, is there in the backstage area, I'm like, "Wow this is amazing! There they are!"

Dee Dee Ramone

I have to be ahead of myself so I don't just fit into the realm of everybody who sounds like me.

Kid Cudi

Ford O'Connell, the guy in the sound bite we just played, he's the guy who said that nominating a conservative presidential candidate would just postpone the GOP nightmare.

Rush Limbaugh

I got an email from somebody who's mad, and from the sound of it it's enough to make this person abandon [Donald] Trump.

Rush Limbaugh

There are more American Indians alive today than there were when Columbus arrived or at any other time in history. Does this sound like a record of genocide?

Rush Limbaugh

Crude thoughts and fierce forces are my state. I do not know who I am. Nor what I was. I cannot hear a sound. Pain is near that will be like no pain felt before.

Norman Mailer

Men of sound sense have Law for their god, but men without sense Pleasure.


the tea-hour is the hour of peace ... strife is lost in the hissing of the kettle - a tranquilizing sound, second only to the purring of a cat.

Agnes Repplier

Reconciling with an adversary that can be as brutal as the Taliban sounds distasteful, even unimaginable. And diplomacy would be easy if we only had to talk to our friends. But that is not how one makes peace.

Hillary Clinton

And not go to things that sound good that really did not have the kind of impact that we would want. Who disagrees with keeping neighborhoods safe?

Hillary Clinton

I’ve had a tense couple of days. And I’ve got to tell you, burning someone’s face off sounds like a great way to relax.

Jim Butcher

But big people’s illnesses are always made to sound big. The simple shutting and opening of the royal arse-hole was made to sound as if the world was coming to an end.

Khushwant Singh

well, it sounds strange, but when i think of God, i think of a soft whirring noise - like a spinning ball of energy - something i can tap into when i need it.

Ellen Wittlinger

It's a safe banking system, a sound banking system. Our regulators are on top of it. This is a very manageable situation.

Henry Paulson

This is a collaboration between a complex analyst, a dynamical system expert, and an arithmetical algebraic geometer. It sounds like a joke, a complex analyst, a dynamical system expert, and an arithmetical algebraic geometer walk into a bar.

Jordan Ellenberg

The instrumental record is a bit subtler. It's the kind of stuff on sound check, when I first pick up my violin and start to play, the kind of melodies that just pour out of me. Some of them sound very classical. Some of them sound experimental, polyrhythmic loops that I make.

Andrew Bird