The Clintons are obsessed with money, and they have been since they came on the national scene. I'm sure that both of them since childhood have been obsessed with money. And I mean it. I mean obsessed with not having it when they were young.

Rush Limbaugh

When it comes time to make the scenes concrete and shoot them, I want the freedom for it to exist which means adding, subtracting or modifying.

Abdellatif Kechiche

I love any scene where there's a physical confrontation. It reminds me that I'm in show business and I play pretend for a living.

Bob Odenkirk

It's not the subject of narration that interests me, but the structure. That's why I stay in touch with my old works, which I reread regularly. I don't hesitate to take up previously used images or even whole scenes.

Dumitru Tepeneag

It comes down to something really simple: Can I visualize myself playing those scenes? If that happens, then I know that I will probably end up doing it.

Jessica Lange

John Carpenter was very gentle. He was very tender. He really liked talking to actors. He really wanted you to be comfortable. He waited until you were ready to do the scene, and he has a lot of confidence.

P. J. Soles

As long as everyone is playing for the scene or the movie, rather than themselves, then you're going to have something really good.

Emily Blunt