You spend very little time in the present moment. Reality exists only in the present moment. Therefore you spend very little time in reality.

Leonard Jacobson

Now success was like lust, she's good to the touch,
She's good for the moment, but she's never enough


Big moments like the Olympics tend to freeze things in place. It's just very hard to break through the news cycle with peoples's eyes on the Olympics. That's even more true with the concerns about Zika and terrorism.

Christopher Michael Cillizza

First of all, I would tell any young woman who's interested in politics to get in touch with herself first and really, really determine if this is what she wants to do - and not do it just because it may be the thing at the moment. What do you care about? What is it that moves you? What would you like to change? What would you do if you were in this situation?

Maxine Waters

To worship God in truth is further to admit that we are entirely contrary to Him, and that He is willing to make us like Himself if we desire it. Who will be so imprudent as to turn himself away, even for a moment, from the reverence, love, service and continual adoration which we most justly owe Him?

Brother Lawrence

My life-my whole life- take it, and do with it what you will. I love you-love you as I have never loved any living thing. From the moment I met you I loved you, loved you blindly, adoringly,madly! You didn't know it then-you know it now.

Oscar Wilde

I don’t regret for a single moment having lived for pleasure. I did it to the full, as one should do everything that one does. There was no pleasure I did not experience.

Oscar Wilde