I realize what it means to be financially comfortable, and I want to be that. But I'm lucky enough to be in that position. And I'm also careful. I save 38 percent of my earnings after expenses, before taxes.

David Duval

I'm really lucky I'm still around. Everybody expected me to die next... But it was always someone else instead of me.

Dee Dee Ramone

I was told that I don't understand radio, should go into sales and all this. It was only my desire and love for what I wanted to do and what I was doing that kept me plugging away. I never at any time was motivated by an "I'll show them" attitude. Never was I motivated by, "I'll show them," that wasn't it. I just loved it. It was what I wanted to do. I was lucky to learn early in life what I wanted to do, and I knew how to define success, even though by the time I'm 33 I still hadn't had any. I was just on the verge of it, and I'd been working since I was 16.

Rush Limbaugh

I'm lucky, I can sleep from takeoff until we land; so I'm fresh, rested and ready to work on arrival.

Eva Herzigova

Every jock gets up and tells the world how lucky he is. But I feel that I may be the luckiest one of all in terms of timing and being at the right place at the right moment-even though, for the last 30 years, I was told I was born 20 years too soon, for obvious reasons.

Bob Cousy

I feel very lucky because of my parents and then my education, the opportunities that I've had, so I would like to continue working to improve lives for others.

Hillary Clinton

I think as an actor you're lucky to have any film take on a life of its own long after it's left the theater.

Cary Elwes

I've been very lucky to work with many amazing animators and directors who can interpret and extend the music I make. When it's done well, it can create extra meaning and new context for the song.


I guess at it's very core love is connection that just makes so much sense you wonder how you used to live before you were lucky enough to experience it.

Benjamin Stone

I've been really lucky because when I go out to L.A. it's for a job, not to look for a job. That's the way I like L.A. most - when I already have a job.

Marin Ireland

I loved musicals. I loved being in the school play and being lucky enough to get parts in the school play. But they always took place in some other time and place.

Lin-Manuel Miranda

Well, you just know, as a writer, I didn't really write one of the five best screenplays of the year. There were lots of brilliant screenplays; I was just one of the lucky ones who got nominated.

Patrick Marber

Cate's absolutely spellbinding. She was like that just eating a sandwich. I knew at the time I was privileged, but since she's become God's gift to actresses I realise exactly how lucky I was.

Emily Blunt