Donald Trump is a way for people to get a message to the media: "You're not fooling us anymore. We don't respect you. We don't like you. We have resented deeply what you've tried to do to us and our candidates, so take this."

Rush Limbaugh

I've always asked myself, what does it mean to love your neighbor. Like what does that exactly mean? And it means that we have an obligation to one another in every facet of life. In every facet! It starts with being present in somebody's life. And somebody that may not look like you, may not understand you, but just going out of your way to just be there!

Russell Okung

As a person who performs on stage, it's good to be emotionally open. If you mess with someone when they are in that state, it's like you're messing with an animal when it's eating.

Fiona Apple

It's like, 'You're not allowed to change. That's not fair. We like you like this.' But I don't. So let me expand and express myself.

Joss Stone

When you're doing martial arts, you feel like you can master certain skills and be so much more in control of who you are, so that really appealed to me.

Milla Jovovich