Progression is important. I'm always going to play music in the general vein of rock'n'roll, but when I started I was very much associated with the West Coast lo-fi thing and I didn't want to get anchored in with anything that was just in vogue for the time being.

Dee Dee Ramone

The president of the United States is a pretty important position, and it's the ideas and policies that matter to me, not the color of their skin.

Rush Limbaugh

Everybody talks about candidate tax returns, and they release those - well, most. But medical records, that's another thing, and that arguably might be more important or relevant than somebody's tax return.

Rush Limbaugh

In Michelle Obama attack on Donald Trump, she never mentioned Trump's name, but she made reference to the fact that this is much more important than just responding in 140 characters. And in the process she maligned the whole concept of Twitter, not just Trump.

Rush Limbaugh

Economic growth, profitability, prosperity, jobs, increased jobs, increased wages, they're able to get that tax rate down to 15% and we're gonna call it tax relief, not tax breaks, not tax loopholes. It's important to control and reclaim the language here.

Rush Limbaugh

The senators are clearly willing to incur your wrath at reelection time. They would much rather do that than deal with whatever is gonna happen to them if they vote to repeal Obamacare. They're afraid of somebody. They are concerned about somebody or something, but it isn't you. Despite the most important thing in their lives, being reelected, that's what you do.

Rush Limbaugh

It is clear that many of [Republicans] do not want to try to keep Hillary Clinton out of the White House. So if it's not important to keep her out of the White House, why is it important to elect you?

Rush Limbaugh

The sickness of our times for me has been just this damn thing that everything has been getting smaller and smaller and less and less important, that the romantic spirit has dried up, that there is no shame today. We're all getting so mean and small and petty and ridiculous, and we all live under the threat of extermination.

Norman Mailer

Being comedic is a skill, because there is a fine line where the context is important. And being dramatic is just being honest and real in that moment.

Bob Odenkirk

First, President Reagan was not enthusiastic. But I built up a relationship with him in other areas and then persuaded him that this was important to us and to me, and that we had to at least be in the process of looking at this seriously.

Brian Mulroney

You have trust in what you think. If you splinter yourself and try to please everyone, you can’t. It’s important to stay the course. I don’t think I would have lasted this long if I’d listened to anyone. You have to listen somewhat and then put that to the side and know that what you do matters.

Annie Leibovitz

I think it's important to have confidence, but then it's also important to try to try something new, to leave your comfort zone to try to grow. That's why I'm trying to grow as an artist and trying to figure out what kind of artist I want to be.

Kadir Nelson