That seemed to be the case with most of the teams based in the smaller towns - the fans were more rabid, and they wanted to literally kill the opposition.

Bob Cousy

Indiana gets credit for having the most rabid basketball fans in the union, but Maine is a very, very active basketball state.

Bob Cousy

But, people are recognizing me more. Sometimes fans just approach me on the street and say how much they love the show. It's great to get that kind of feedback.

Catherine Bell

I could endure hard times thanks to my fans that stood by me. I decided that I wouldn't disappoint them.

Jay Park

No one wants to see a play called 'Lady Windermere's Fan'. It's going to be called 'Cocks in Frocks II' or I will find another publisher

Oscar Wilde

I'm absolutely obsessed with The Jesus And Mary Chain and Patti Smith, but I'm a massive pop fan. I love pop culture, It's a total reflection of the zeitgeist.

Siobhan Fahey

Hanson has rapid female fans, which I’m completely proud of, but a lot of fans are a contingent that have grown up with us really - our peers. There’s younger fans. More and more guys are Hanson fans [but they’re] musicians or kind of guys who were into a Beatles record.

Taylor Hanson

Woo your biggest fans. This rule says concentrate your efforts at understanding on the 2 percent of consumers that personally drive 20 percent of sales and invite their friends and colleagues to enjoy you.

Michael J. Silverstein

I have a very eclectic group of fans. I have fans that love me for me and who have never even seen my adult work. They just like my music, or they just like me.

Sasha Grey