It was sad when Sid Vicious died... I was freaked out when Phil Lynott died from Thin Lizzy. I cried. It was too crazy.

Dee Dee Ramone

The modern era of feminism is how you track that at its beginning. It manifested itself in crazy ways. Parents would try raising their daughters in blue rooms with GI Joe and try raising their sons in pink rooms with Barbie to see what would happen, and they were shocked.

Rush Limbaugh

A Republican establishment member in the media would be David Brooks in the New York Times, the so-called conservative columnist. He's basically a moderate. He favors big government if run by the people he thinks are smart. He's not crazy about conservatives.

Rush Limbaugh

Ted Cruz is a nice guy, a likeable guy. He's not crazy. He's not nasty. And he certainly is not - he's not a liar. He's a down - down the middle guy that I - anybody could trust. He has got plenty of integrity.

Rush Limbaugh

Hillary Clinton doesn't know how to counterprogram Trump, if you will. Hillary doesn't know how to go out and write her own narrative of the day. Hillary doesn't know whether to focus on herself or to criticize Trump or to go after Crazy Bernie. She doesn't know what to do. And the press doesn't, either.

Rush Limbaugh

The media is terribly worried that Donald Trump is going to influence people. The media will tell you, I mean, crazy Mika, Ms. Brzezinski, actually said that she worries that Trump may actually end up controlling what people think on jobs and the economy. And it's not the president's job, it's the media's job to tell people, to determine people exactly what they think.

Rush Limbaugh

No matter what Bernie Sanders did, no matter how many delegates he was getting, Hillary Clinton was always going to trump this, and Bernie never had a chance. That's the real rigging of an election; that's the real interference in an election, and nobody talks about that, including Crazy Bernie.

Rush Limbaugh

That's what's always been such a curious thing to me about feminism. They never lost any power. However, when you start talking about this particular area of our population, you're talking about the politicized nature of our country where feminism dominates and all heterosexual men want women. And all men realize you've got to do certain things. If you want to get a woman who happens to be a feminist, then you better do and say, be certain things. Men have gone crazy trying to be what they think women want them to be, and that's men in Washington, gone crazy.

Rush Limbaugh

People who live under fascism are not only miserable but they're full of shame. You just don't go in and inject democracy into them. They're half crazy with their own.

Norman Mailer

I actually think there's a potential, a crazy potential, that network TV could become something valuable and worthwhile, just because of fear on the part of the networks.

Bob Odenkirk

For me, being with Obama or having dinner with Bill Clinton... It's crazy. It's mind-blowing, because where I come from is just another world. We were just ignored by politicians, by America in general.


Lets be honest, L.A. is not a bad place to live. There are some crazy people there, but I tend to get on with them!

Eve Myles

Look at the aerospace industry as it was just after the Kennedy talk. We were hiring like crazy. We were trying to get people graduated from college. Hey, you got to go to the program. We need you.

Burt Rutan

They portray me as all these crazy things and I'm so not like that. I don't have entourages, I'm as normal as you can get in this lifestyle.

Kate Moss

If you call it a riot, it sounds like it was just a bunch of crazy people who went out and did bad things for no reason. I maintain it was somewhat understandable, if not acceptable. So I call it a rebellion.

Maxine Waters

If the Republicans think that by having stated and even achieved most of the Contract that they are therefore entitled to the acceptance and favor of the American voter, they're crazy.

Malcolm Wallop

The concept of minimum wage is crazy, if you really stop to think about it. If $8 an hour seems right, why not $20 an hour? If its coming by order of the government, why stop at any level? Why not just say everyone should get what Gates gets?

Malcolm Wallop

Recognizing that the world is governed by a minority, the sexually active, and that they hold sway of a huge majority of the nonsexual, those people too young or too old or too poor or too homely or sick or crazy or powerless to be able to afford sexual partners (or the luxury of systematic, sustained and shared introspection, so sexual in its own way). All advertisements and films and songs are addressed to sexuals, to their rash whims and finicky tastes.

Edmund White

The American system is, in many ways, more difficult, certainly far more expensive and much longer than a parliamentary system, and I really admire the people who subject themselves to it. Even when I, you know, think they should not be elected president, I still think, well, you know, good for you I guess, you're out there promoting democracy and those crazy ideas of yours.

Hillary Clinton

My brother the vampire, whose kiss was a slow death sentence, had a stable and loving relationship with a girl who was crazy about him. By contrast, I could barely talk to a woman, at least about anything pertaining to a relationship. Given that my only long-term girlfriends had faked their own death, died, and broken free of enslaving enchantments to end the relationship, the empirical evidence seemed to indicate that he knew something I didn't. Keep your life tonight, Harry. Complicate it tomorrow.

Jim Butcher

Sometimes I think that's where most of us are. Fighting off the crazy as best we can. Trying to become something better than we were. It's that second bit that's important.

Jim Butcher

Bob, would you be willing to take on Evil Bob?" Bob's eyes darted nervously. "I'd . . . prefer not to. I'd really, really prefer not to. You have no idea. That me was crazy. And buff. He worked out.

Jim Butcher

Murphy watched me thoughtfully for several empty seconds. Then she said, very gently, "You're a good man, Harry." I swallowed and bowed my head, made humble by the tone of her voice and the expression on her face, more than the words themselves. Not always rational," she said, smiling. "But you're the best kind of crazy.

Jim Butcher

People think I'm crazy and reckless but I'm absolutely not... I'm soooo safe and soooo careful and I won't do anything that feels like I could break something.

Catherine Bell