Being a conservative union member is almost like being an actor in Hollywood: You don't dare say it, or you might be injured on the job, or you might be laid off, or your family might have something happen to them.

Rush Limbaugh

What really enthralls me is working with the actor and seeing where you can go with that. It's in that exchange and that relationship.

Abdellatif Kechiche

You get to use everything you learned in movie business. You talk to actors, if you do it right - and I haven't always done it right - you should be shaping the material all the time. And the other thing is, you get all the blame when you direct and it doesn't work. You get slammed. So that's another reason to know what you're making, why you're making it, and make it the way you want.

Bob Odenkirk

How many impressionist painters painted the same damned thing? How many actors have played the same part in renditions of a play or dancers do the same dances.

Paul Provenza

the audience is the controlling factor in the actor's life. It is practically infallible, since there is no appeal from its verdict. It is a little like a supreme court composed of irresponsible minors.

Agnes Repplier

Almost every actor goes into almost every picture very frightened. He is positive he really can't do it. The bigger the star, the more frightened he is.

Paul Mazursky

My mother implanted in me as a young can either be an actor in your own life, or a reactor in somebody else's.

Hillary Clinton

There's a myth about actors saying, 'Oh no, that's not me on screen at all. I'm just acting.' OK, if I were to say to you that's not me, that's fine. And I would tell you that I don't behave like a villain everyday, and that's true, I don't. But to say there's absolutely none of me in there is ridiculous.

Cary Elwes

I think that's all you can hope for as an actor when you read a script; that after the first thirty pages it has some meaning to it.

Cary Elwes

My dad didn't often bring me to the set, being an actor himself, so my infancy as an actor was wracked with a lot of giggles and nervousness.

Josh Brolin

My career is very easy to interpret. It's about working. I'm a working actor, so that's how I see myself.

Sean Astin

Honestly, I look at the project and I look at the people attached and I look at the director. If it's a role that I feel will help me, as an actor, then I'll definitely take it.

Sasha Grey

I am selective, but at the same time, I want to be out there as an actor and show people my range.

Sasha Grey